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Our guides know the country through and through and will share its hidden treasures with everyone willing to befriend this undiscovered Bulgaria. We can take you on a journey to the country’s staple landmarks but also to some of its off-the-beaten track sites. Thus you will get a feel of authentic Bulgaria –a country of vivid contrasts, astounding natural landscapes, millennial history and rich archeological heritage.

We offer custom-made tours so if you have an itinerary in mind, please share it with us and we will make it happen. Bulgaria is indeed a place to be experienced to the full and we are here to lead you through the adventure.

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Before I decided to start with this project, my work was about travelling and meeting people from all over the world. I was struck by the reactions of colleagues from other countries as well as partners who visited Bulgaria. I could see with my eyes how the sun, the mountains, the sea views were leaving their reflection in their eyes. They were absorbing and charging with the energy of my own country.

The traditional Bulgarian dishes, spices, wine, and brandy made them feel like home. I realized that we are so used to everything around us, that the appreciation simply has diminished. I started to think how this can be shared with the rest of the world. How to preserve the traditions and show the real face of Bulgaria. When your hobby is photography you see the things in a different way.

Somehow you see magic in every picture you make, but the question was how to share this magic with the others. I love to travel, to take photos and tell stories through my pictures. The eyes of the real photographer are always hungry for more. And let me tell you: Bulgaria has not only sunsets, sea and landscapes that can feed this hunger, but she has this enchanting charm that can make every picture alive.

Undiscovered Bulgaria offers itineraries that are completely bespoke, it’s your choice!

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