The Undiscovered Treasure on the Balkans | Tours By Locals & Guided Tours of Bulgaria
8 Apr

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo – The Legendary city of Tsars, standing on the edge of rising hills with its breathtaking views, red-timbered roof terraces falling over the waterway below. Plenty of art and medieval splendor....

Pobiti Kamani
8 Apr

Ancient Stone Desert

Pobitti Kamani – known as an Ancient Stone Dessert, 5-7 meters high (196 – 275 inches) stone columns planted in the ground....

8 Apr


Varna – the Bulgarian Capital of the Black Sea – is blessed with the sun-kissed beaches, crystal blue water, and lovely city parks, but it is most famous for the oldest processed gold treasure in the world, which was discovered nearby....

8 Apr


Sofia - Very electric, busy town. Treasures from the 4-3rd centuries BC, Roman fortifications from 3rd-5th centuries AD, historical UNESCO heritage sites dating back to the 10th centuries. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe....

Belogradchik Fortress
3 Apr


Located in the northwest corner of the country, this rugged landscape is dotted with rock pinnacles that thrust up abruptly from the earth. This place was a spiritual center and after my “talk” with the stone people, I decided that it is time to bring...