The Undiscovered Treasure on the Balkans | Tours By Locals & Guided Tours of Bulgaria

The Locals and Their Stories

These are the real people that we’ve met on our journey through Bulgaria. People that we want to meet again and we share their passion for living. These are the people that we want YOU to meet and one thing we promise, they will bring tears to your eyes.


Velika from Chiprovtsi

Let us start with her name – Velika. In Bulgarian, Velika means The Great Being. What really makes her unique is not actually her name, but is what she does with her hands. You might have read about the tradition of carpet-making in Chiprovtsi, but if you did not, then you should not miss her on your trip through Bulgaria. Meet her family, learn about the glory of the local heroes and how one of the most important trade centers in Bulgaria during the Middle Ages can turn into a ruined land with no fate. Travel back in time with the history entangled in her carpets.


Maya from Prevala

Do you remember Maya the busy bee?! Well this story is for the hard work and purity in life. For home-made jams and jellies, still boiled on a wood-fired oven. She grew up in a lively village, in an endless green heaven, in the middle of gorgeous mountains, with fresh air and traditions that are still alive. People from those little parts of the world often speak about Communism like it was yesterday. Often you can hear them saying – “People had jobs and money, but they did not know where to spend them. Now they have the freedom to travel and spend all the money in the world, but they don’t have the money.” Fast forward to the present, where all the young people are seeking a better life and sooner or later will forget where they’ve come from. The change is coming, but do we have enough fighters like Maya, to remind the world what is really important?


Susanna and Ivan from Brestovo.

By nationality Susanna is Portuguese. After finishing her education she went to work in Switzerland. After a while she realized that something was missing in her life – silence. She decided to explore a bit more of Europe and fell in love with the countryside of Bulgaria. Ivan was born in the village Brestovo and professionally he dries herbs and mushrooms. He met Susanna and not long after he fell in love with her big true heart. The fruit of their love was the first baby born in the village in the last 40 years. They love the culture and traditions of Bulgaria. They don’t just love the nature, but they heal their guests with the warm home-made food.