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Wine tours & SPA Getaway

Wine tours & SPA Getaway

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Did you know that Bulgaria was the world’s second largest exporter of wine in the 1980s only topped by France?

Archaeological studies point to evidence of winemaking as early as 4000 BC, when Bulgarian lands were inhabited by the Thracians. Zagreus was a Thracian god later known as Dionysus – the God of wine.
Try Mavrud – Mavrud is one of the most ancient and typical Bulgarian red wines. Its name comes from the Greek “mavro”, which means black!
Since Bulgaria’s EU accession in 2007, Bulgaria’s more than 70 wineries and wine cellars continue the skilful Thracian tradition of winemaking, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Bulgaria has the capacity to process about 700 000 tons of grapes a year.

Explore the landd of the Thracian Kings, Bulgaria

There is no better way to spend the winter than lounging in cosy robe and pair of warm slippers. Plan a weekend to seek out mountainside luxury, fine dining in a combination with wine therapy and SPA. Take in the panoramic views of the snow falling as you ease in the many scenic spots in the large areas of the SPA. Rent a bike, visit the near Thracian tomb, read a book or just take a long day sleep.

What to expect:

  • Luxury & authentic accommodation
  • Winery – wine tours, wine tastings and variety of Thracian rituals (prices vary – 20/50 EUR)
  • SPA – swimming pool with hot mineral water (good for the digestive system, the liver, kidneys etc.), jacuzzi (indoor/outdoor), sauna, steam bath
  • Hammam bath, wine peeling, wine sin, peeling with grape seeds (prices vary – 20/35 EUR)
  • variety of full-body massages – wine therapy (prices vary 20/35 EUR)
  • wide range of child-friendly activities, private ZOO, mini golf, bike rental, horse riding etc. (check prices with us)

Bulgaria has more than 2 000 mineral springs and in the 1980s it was the second largest exporter of wine, only topped by France. This makes the country one of the TOP 10 destinations in the world for Wine tourism & SPA.

The Colour of Grapes – Wine tour of Bulgaria.

Imagine strolling along cobbled streets peppered with pine trees and rustic houses with traditional hardwood facades. Have your meals with local farmers, drink wine with some of the best sommeliers in the country, and learn more about one of the oldest and most vibrant cultures in Europe.

What to expect:

  • Authentic accommodation
  • TOP Bulgarian wineries – wine tours, wine tastings and variety of Thracian rituals
  • Luxury vehicle and Driver throughout
  • Tour Guide throughout


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We are traditionalists who are passionate about our folklore, culture, food, history, and nature. In order to provide our guests with an unparalleled experience, we explored every nook and cranny of our country. We met the winegrowers, farmers, and the elderly people who shared their stories with us. We simply fell in love with everything what Bulgaria has to offer and can hardly wait to show it to you.

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    Wine tours & SPA Getaway


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