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Christmas in Europe - Bulgarian traditions
11 Dec


CHRISTMAS EVE - BULGARIAN TRADITIONS & CULTURE I guess you’ve heard about the Christmas markets in Europe, the red wine, the hand-made decorations, the music, lights, and the traditional food. But, do you know why on Christmas Eve in Bulgaria you will find either 7, 9...

Belogradchik Rocks, Bulgaria
20 Nov


BELOGRADCHIK ROCKS, BULGARIA Belogradchik Rocks – Natural Phenomenon & Legends wrapped in stone… The Madonna of Belogradchik: “Once there was a nunnery hidden among the Belogradchik Rocks. The youngest nun in the monastery was so beautiful that she was secretly envied by all and often reminded that it...

Is Bulgaria safe
13 Nov


Of course, before we decide to travel to some far away destination, we want to know how safe is to travel there alone. First thing we read is about the pickpockets, right? Let me tell you something. They are everywhere and especially in the big cities....

Perperikon - A History of Ancient Thracians in Bulgaria
16 Oct


PERPERIKON - THE HOLY CITY OF THE THRACIANS A History of ancient Thracians - Perperikon, Bulgaria In the far south of Bulgaria, a megalithic stone complex rises on a hill in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. This 8,000 year old prehistoric shrine, which is today known...

SKI and SPA Resorts in Europe
27 Aug


"Winter is coming" - Explore the land of the Thracian Kings, Bulgaria There is no better way to spend the winter than lounging in cosy robe and pair of warm slippers. Plan a weekend to seek out mountainside luxury, fine dining in a combination with wine...

Bulgarian cuisine
19 Jul


O, food… O spicy spiciness, salty saltiness and sweet sweetness… - O, Bulgarian Cuisine! Now get into your 5 senses…which pops into your mind first? Perhaps it will be your sense of taste. This is NOT just a list of Traditional Bulgarian dishes that you must try!...