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Reasons to visit Bulgaria

Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

Visit Bulgaria on Your Next Trip

Bulgaria is a country worth exploring through and through. With its majestic mountains and golden sand beaches it has plenty to offer to both keen travellers and adventure seekers. Indeed the country is still a ‘hidden gem’ destination that combines stunning natural sceneries with cities bustling with artistic vigour and urban life. Here are six reason why you should put Bulgaria on your travel map.

Visit Bulgaria for its mystical mountains

Bulgaria lives up to its reputation of a Balkan state as the country is rife with soul-strirring mountains. It boasts seven mountains including the Rila mountain with its glacial lakes amidst snow-capped tops, the Pirin mountain with its majestic pine forests and ski tracks, the Rhodope mountains with their mystical vibe and Thracian-time mounds, Stara Planina with its stunning landscapes and numerous hiking trails and huts as well as some smaller mountainous reliefs such as the Vitosha mountain located in the outskirts of the capital Sofia.

Visit Bulgaria for its ancient history

Bulgaria is an ancient country where the Thracians have lived and the Romans have resided. The country is steeped with history ranging from Thracian-time sanctuaries, Roman-time excavations and medieval churches. Plovdiv, dubbed the European capital of culture for 2019, boasts an old town with multi-coloured Revival-period houses whereas the Tsarevets fortress where the Bulgarian medieval kings once resided, still stands tall in the outskirts of the present-day town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Visit Bulgaria for its churches and monasteries

Bulgaria has preserved its Orthodox faith throughout centuries of turbulent historical events. There are plenty of beautiful churches and monasteries to visit including the 10th C. Rila Monastery which is located in the very heart of the Rila mountain and the Ivanovo rock churches that date back to the 13th c. and impress with their well-preserved murals. Even the capital Sofia abounds in beautiful churches. The Alexander Nevski Cathedral dominates the city centre’s skyline while the Boyana church (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is situated in the capital’s outskirts and at the foot of the Vitosha mountain.

Visit Bulgaria for its sun-kissed beaches

Bulgaria is small in size but it abounds in natural givens. It takes only 4 hours by car to get from the capital to the Black sea coast where you can enjoy sandy beaches or picturesque cliffs, savour a delicious sea meal or simply relax by the sea. Even the coast’s two biggest cities Varna and Burgas, have vast beaches where you can take a refreshing dip in the salty water and later plunge into their urban hearts. Nessebar and Sozopol with their wood-clad Revival-period houses and cobbled streets are perfect for the romantics whereas Sunny beach is a favourite with party lovers.

Visit Bulgaria for its delicious food and fast internet connection

Bulgaria is known for its culinary traditions and organic food. Make sure you take a bit of its traditional pastry banitsa, order a shopska salad with a small glass of rakia (Bulgarian brandy) or opt for a tripe soup if you feel a bit hung-over. The country’s fast and free internet connection is one other considerable asset. You won’t have a problem accessing your Facebook or your e-mail acount wherever you choose to go (except, of course, for those far-fetched places where nature commands and civilisation abides).

Visit Bulgaria for its bustling city life

Bulgaria’s big cities have plenty of art and entertainment to offer. Sofia will charm you with its art galleries, cosy cafes, gourmet restaurants and bustling nightlife. Street performances, dance festivals and open-air concerts have become Plovdiv’s trademark while Burgas, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo attract with their youth culture venues.

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